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The Prince and Mr. Breezy's Class
"Special Edition"

ISBN-13: 979-8652653699


Young Prince Manny loves living in the Kingdom of Crownington with his family. His father, King Immanuel, is a superhero in Manny's eyes. They spend tons of time together. The king even home schools his son. That's pretty awesome! Who gets home schooled by a king? Can you image that?

Well, anyway, today is a special day. Prince Manny is now a 4th grader and his father believes that he is ready to attend school with other kids. Manny's excitement suddenly turns to disappointment when he discovers that he is not attending Crownington Elementary. He will be attending Flatbread Elementary which is in a whole different kingdom. Manny is confused and sort of sad, but he's learned to trust his father, even when things don't make sense.

At Flatbread Elementary School, Prince Manny is just Manny, the new kid. He quickly notices that this new school isn't as nice or as clean as the schools in the Kingdom of Crownington. And, the students aren't as friendly, they don't do their school work, nor do they show respect for their teachers. Mr. Breezy, Manny's new teacher, gets no respect at all. I mean, NO RESPECT! But, he's such a nice a man. Anyway, Manny experienced bullying, peer pressure and he even had a bad experience with the mean principal who tells a lot of lies for some reason. Now I know why his name is Dr. Lyalot. This school is out of control, especially Mr. Breezy's 4th grade class. So, obviously, one of two things is going to happen. Either Manny is going to be changed by this new environment and join in with the chaos, or, the environment will be made better because Manny chose to stay true to his father's advice and be a good example for the other students. I wonder what happened?...And, more importantly, I wonder what YOU would do if you were the new Mr. Breezy's Class?

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Reviewed By Rolanda Lyles for Readers’ Favorite


Prince Manny loves his father, King Immanuel, and his home, the kingdom of Crownington. Today, Prince Manny is excited to start his first day of school, but is disappointed when he discovers he won't be going to school in Crownington; instead, he will be going to Flatbread Elementary School in Junction Kingdom. Prince Manny is confused as to why he can't go to school with his friends, but he is obedient and trusts his father. At Flatbread Elementary, Prince Manny is just Manny, and Manny sees that Flatbread Elementary isn't as nice, clean, or friendly as his school at home. At the elementary school, Manny is faced with fear, bullying, peer pressure, and a different culture, but he is brave. Flatbread Elementary may never be the same.

Dr. Eugene Fields' The Prince and Mr. Breezy's Class is a compelling and inspirational story of the power one person has to effect change. Dr. Fields' writing encourages young readers to know that you are never too young or too small to be a leader and make a difference. This story addresses many of the issues that the youth deal with in today's society: peer pressure, bullying, self-respect, responsibility, and even challenges in their home life. Dr. Fields encourages young readers to know that even if there are things about your life that you can't control like where you come from, or if you have money or not, you can control how you treat yourself, your property, and others. As a fellow educator, I found this book very compelling, inspirational, emotionally moving, and relevant. I appreciated the discussion questions and worksheets included at the end of the story to encourage further discussion. The Prince and Mr. Breezy's Class is a must-read for youngsters with an inspirational message that children everywhere can relate to. I loved this story!

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"This book is amazing!! It is great for all ages. Even the youngest of readers will love this book. The message behind the book is great!! Stay true to what you know is right and everything will work out for the best in the end. Even though it may not look like it at the beginning. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs!! I teach head start children(ages 3-5 years old). I will incorporate this book into my lessons. And also encourage my colleagues to read this book to their classes as well."

"This book is a great reminder of how we are change agents. No matter what's taking place around us, we have the ability to change things. I pre-read all books for my children and am very impressed with the storyline and lesson in the text. I've passed this on to my son and he is absolutely enjoying it. This is a MUST READ for all ages!" 

"Awesome book!! A must read for our younger generation!!

"Wonderful book. My son couldn't put it down. Super funny and with a great message... hope to see more from this author!"


"This book teaches not only children, it also reminds adults of how to be. From this book you will learn that just because you're from different backgrounds everyone is still a person and should be treated as so. Also it teaches that no matter what people say or how they talk about you keep your head up and not respond in a negative way. It also teaches about caring for your fellow peers. I cant wait to see what else the King and Prince Manny has in the future."

"Loved the problem solving skills and the lessons taught by the main character. I highly recommend this book for all school age students."

"Loved this book. Sometimes it only takes one person to make a positive change. You only have to believe. Quick Read."


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